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Capricorn College for TVET Celebrates the 3rd Annual College Academic Day

Partial handing over of the new central offices from PRISM Architects to Capricorn College for TVET took place on the 29th of July 2016 in Polokwane



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Peer Counselling Workshop


Capricorn College for TVET hosted their annual peer counselling workshop at Polokwane Campus from 24-26 May 2016. Peer counselling is a well-documented concept of counselling. As Sisco (1992), Cole. (2002) and Pritchard (2007) point out:  it is a personal method of change and is based on the idea that most people prefer to seek out their peers for help when experiencing challenges, frustrations, concerns and general problems.

Peer counselling is dedicated to assist students throughout their important years of college by establishing one-on-one peer-mentoring relationships between students.Students listen to and help facilitate the growth and development of other students. It is a process in which trained and supervised students offer inter alia, listening, support and the facilitation of problem-solving skills, but little or no advice to other students.

A Peer Counsellor is someone who cares about others and who talks to them about their thoughts and feelings“A person is of more value than the whole world”. Peer Counsellors are the extension of Student Counselling, Advising, Health and Wellness and they serve as peer helpers to their fellow students within strictly defined parameters. They have been trained to help others think through and reflect on the problems they might be experiencing.

“A good friend is one that you can sit withon a park bench, say nothing to and when you leave you feel as if you have had the best conversation of your life.” Students and their Life Orientation lectures were trained on how to counsel students and also how they should conduct themselves. Confidentiality is one of the ethics a peer counsellor should always adhere to.
Peer counsellors render the following services:

  1. One-to-one counselling and referrals
  2. General life skills
  3. Study skills
  4. Career guidance and job seeking skills
  5. Substance abuse
  6. HIV/AIDS and sexuality education
  7. Advocacy and awareness programmes.

The peer counsellor will gain experience in:

  1. Communication, counselling and instruction while enhancing leadership and presentation skills.
  2. Peer counsellors also gain knowledge about the job market and career related topics that will aid in their own career decision making and job searching.
  3. Valuable experience will be gained by working in a professional environment and having a professional staff mentor.

Research has indicated that peer counselling can be as effective as professional counselling and that is why Capricorn College for TVET has placed it at the heart of their proactive counselling programs.#UBUNTU!!!